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Do gums grow back after surgery procedure? Do gums grow back after surgery procedure? Sometimes when we get gum disease, dentist needs to do surgery act. What to expect after surgery to gum  We already know that gum is very sensitive and this can causes pain too much when something interfere such as infection or inflammation. The gum surgery focuses to the mouth areas with many nerve endings. What need to do after periodontal surgery? Aft periodontal surgery, there are several things that need to do.  The patient is need to do proper caring and treatment for their gums and teeth after surgery to prevent infection. Bleeding and swelling can increase the risk of infection and these two things can occur after two or three days after the procedure. Care teeth and gum after the procedure of periodontal is very important.  The grafted areas in gum tissue becomes thee area that prone to receding in fast and cavities in the root level also can develop when the condition is untreated well.  The gentle cleaning using soft brush and also follow any recommendation from your doctor will keep your gum and teeth for longer life. Use Dental Pro 7 Liquid concentrate dental solution will help you to care your gum after surgery.

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