Explain Dental Pro 7

Explain Dental Pro 7 | No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

Explain Dental Pro 7 | No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee. This article will Explain Dental Pro 7 so that people can know more about this dental care product. Cleanness is very important to all people. When you find yourself clean, it will boost up your confidence and mood. That is including clean teeth. Bad breath, yellow teeth, bleeding gum become nightmares for everyone.

If you happen to forget to brush your teeth, you must feel very uncomfortable when talking to other people. Yet, how if you already brush your teeth with the usual toothpaste but still having those problems? Rest assure! Your answer lies in this article!

Explain Dental Pro 7


First of all, what do you know about it? Some of you may be thinking that is a kind of herb medicine. Is it really a medicine? Do not get confused. Despite its ingredients, it’s the same as toothpaste. How you use it is so much like the usual toothpaste. Although Pro 7 does not come in paste form but in liquid form. You only need to use five drops per use then brush your teeth and gum gently. You can also apply it twice a day like the usual toothpaste.

Explain Dental Pro 7

The ‘all-natural’ active ingredients in our super strength dental concentrate are proven* to quickly kill and eliminate the harmful bacteria in your mouth that are the primary cause* of:

Receding Gums, Bad Breath, Bleeding Gums, Tooth Decay, Swollen Gums, Gum Infections, Gum Disease, Inflamed Gums, Gingivitis, Gum Pockets & Sore Gums

Explain Dental Pro 7

Explain Dental Pro 7 – Why Dental Pro 7?

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It is very recommended to use as your toothpaste and dental care. The reason is that this Pro 7 approved to easily kill all of the bacteria which can cause many problems in your mouth. Those problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, tooth decay, swollen gums,  gums infections, and many more.

With its 100% natural ingredients such as Immortelle, Manuka, Myrrh, Pomegranate seed, Corn Mint, Clove Bud, Spearmint, Natural Vitamin E, White Thyme, Peppermint, and Grapeseed make this become the best solution to your mouth and teeth problems. Now, as you already know about, go spread and Dental Pro 7 to all of your families so they can get healthy teeth!

Explain Dental Pro 7Explain Dental Pro 7 is 100% Guaranteed
Dental Pro 7 comes with a 3 month (90 day) ‘Risk Free’ money back guarantee, so if you aren’t 100% happy with the results… simply return for a full refund, no questions asked

Explain Dental Pro 7 is Professional Strength
Dental Pro 7 is professional strength ‘as standard’ (on average 400%-800% more concentrated than commercial brands) so it ‘Actually Works’ for you as advertised

Explain Dental Pro 7 is All Natural
We only use 100% natural ingredients – so you don’t have to worry about putting artificial toxins, irritants, potential cancer causing agents or any nasties in your mouth whatsoever

Free/Flat Shipping
We offer you a worldwide* ‘Flat shipping’ rate of just $5 and FREE worldwide shipping (Priority tracked) on all orders over $80 – *Sorry we don’t currently ship to Europe

Explain Dental Pro 7 | What Makes Dental Pro 7 So Unique

The primary causes of all gum, tooth and breath problems are the overproduction of bad bacteria in your mouth…

…the problem with 99% of commercial dental products and toothpastes are:
​They are too short lived: Once used, They wash away and rub off far to easily, providing only momentary protection

​Wrong Design: Toothpastes are primarily designed for cleaning teeth (not for killing bacteria) so they can’t penetrate deep enough below the gum line (where most of the bad bacteria live)
Low Strength: They aren’t powerful enough to be able to ‘effectively’ kill all the bad bacteria and germs attacking your teeth and gums

​Nasty Chemicals: They contain harsh chemicals and synthetic agents that can irritate and aggravate your gum tissue (which is not good at all if you have gum problems)…
…in fact, Some of these products are so loaded with foreign chemicals, irritants and nasty preservatives, that they can actually make your tooth and gum problems a lot worse in some cases*

…and because these commercial products are all ‘water based’ they’re not even able to penetrate under the gum line

Explain Dental Pro 7Dental Pro 7 on the other hand is a 100% pure liquid concentrate, it’s extra strength as standard and it contains no fillers, irritants or nasty chemicals whatsoever

It contains just 100% pure ‘All Natural’ active ingredients that get to work by killing the bad bacteria in your mouth almost immediately on contact (in under 30 seconds in fact*) while at the same time being extremely gentle on your gum tissue

…and as Dental Pro 7 is lipid based, it’s able to effectively penetrate deep down into the gums and NOT WASH AWAY (this is the secret to its great success and the reason why 99% of other products simply don’t work properly)

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