Using DP7 Experience: DP7 Best Toothpaste

Using DP7 Experience: On this occasion, I will share my experience of how it feels to have a toothache and using DP7, as well as how DP7 handles toothaches.

Before telling my experience of toothache and Using DP7 Experience, I will first discuss the oral cavity in general.

Using DP7 Experience

Using DP7 Experience

Oral Cavity

The oral cavity includes several organs, such as teeth, gums, frenulum (a fold of mucous membrane that attaches the upper lip to the upper jaw gums), lips, palate, cheeks, tongue, salivary glands, and uvula (the little tongue or tongue flap) that work together to perform all of its functions. That is what DP7 can handle to kill harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.


In adults, there are generally an average of 32 permanent teeth, 16 in the upper jaw and 16 in the lower jaw. In the oral cavity, teeth function to help with speech, chew food, and aesthetics. White teeth, arranged neatly, and healthy teeth and gums are the dream of every person.


The pink gums consist of fibrous tissue that lines the alveolar arch (the part of the jawbone that supports the teeth) and surrounds the teeth. So the gums function to protect the jawbone and tooth roots.

Toothache cannot be separated from all oral cavity organs, especially teeth and gums. That is what I felt in my Using DP7 Experience of toothache, the toothache felt like all the organs in the mouth hurt. What are the effects of toothache that can be felt, including:


The head feels dizzy and throbbing, hearing loud noises is very disturbing, and I want to shout and reprimand those who are talking but cannot because of the pain. The pain is so unbearable that tears cannot help but fall.


Toothache also causes swollen cheeks because harmful bacteria in the mouth grow and cause infection in the gums. Gum infection causes swollen cheeks due to the work of harmful bacteria spreading to the back of the oral cavity.

Jawbone feels painful when opening the mouth to eat, chew food, and yawn. The activity is painful. And no less important, swollen cheeks make me lose confidence.


The wisdom teeth on the left or right side at the far end are loose but difficult to pull out. The experience of toothache like this, when going to the dentist, the dentist will first treat it to heal the pain. Secondly, after the pain has healed, the dentist will extract the wisdom teeth.

The Influence of Toothache on Gums

Toothache due to cavities, loose teeth due to receding gums, toothache due to plaque. All of these things happen because the treatment of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity is not thoroughly eradicated.

General Toothpaste

In general, toothpaste or also called traditional or commercial toothpaste, the content of toothpaste, when applied, cannot penetrate the deepest gums and its contents are easily carried away by rinsing water (cleaning water after brushing teeth). This is because the content of commercial toothpaste is liquid.

Using DP7 Experience

I experienced excruciating wisdom toothache, eating was not enjoyable because it was difficult to chew food so that food that was not soft was immediately swallowed, swollen cheeks, bad breath, gums shifting out of place, even though I always brushed my teeth three times a day using commercial toothpaste, this disease did not go away.

After reading the DP7 offer article and carefully reading about the advantages of DP7, it can be concluded that DP7’s content is 100% natural, not in the form of paste but a concentrate, can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth in just seconds, and let beneficial bacteria continue to live, the concentrated content feels like it enters the gums, the mint flavor inside the mouth feels warm and refreshing. With the results of reading that reference, I decided to buy DP7 online on the official DP7 website.

What were the results of using DP7?

After three days of using DP7, the toothache was gone, bad breath was gone, the gums turned from pink to light pink, the sore throat disappeared, and phlegm could be easily expelled.

After Using DP7 Experience and the toothache was gone, I finally decided to remove the wisdom teeth, as the wisdom teeth were already loose and interfering with my eating.

Where to buy DP7?

If you want to deal with toothaches thoroughly and want to follow in my footsteps in Using DP7 Experience, please click here. You will be taken to the official DP7 website. Good luck trying it out.

Using DP7 Experience

Using DP7 Experience

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