Causes Bad Breath: DentalPro7 eliminate harmful bacteria

Do you know what the Causes Bad Breath?. Do you know what the Causes Bad Breath? In fact, bad breath is not dangerous, it is only a mood broker when we interact with each other or when an interview, etc. however, the bad breath can be something serious. Most people get an experience of bad breath. Bad breath is known as Halitosis.

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Causes Bad BreathThe most common cause is the existence of bacteria that Causes bad breath. There are many causes of bad breath, see the list below:

1. Bacteria: the first thing is bacteria, bad breath happens because there are hundreds of bacteria bad breath types. It will happen in your mouth. When you eat something, those bacteria will live in your mouth. That is the reason why you have a bad smell.

2. Type of gum disease: the second thing is bad breath caused by gum disease for example you always try to fix the bad breath but bad smelling is always constant. Perhaps it can be gum disease caused by bacteria. Generally, it becomes plaque in the teeth.

Tabacco – Causes Bad Breath

3. Smoking and consume tobacco ingredients: smoking can make your teeth too dirty, bad breath, and other diseases. In addition, tobacco will make gum disease so that it indicated as cause of bad breath not only bacteria that causes bad breath. Stop smoking and give yourself to have good habits.

Causes Bad Breath 4. The bad breath happens because of dental factors for example periodontitis. One of the teeth infections.

Next cause of bad breath because a dry mouth, it caused by alcohol. Medicine

6. Several foods, there are several foods that make bad breath such as cauliflower, etc. Do not eat or drink the strong-smelling and food that is too spicy. It will make a bad breath.

7. Bad breath causes a medical condition as acid reflux. Acid reflux means the stomach acid moving up to the throat.

Dental Pro 7 eliminate Bad Breath

Those are causes of bad breath, as we know the treatment of bad breath will depend on what those causes. You have to avoid dehydration, always brush your teeth. Some medicine for bad breathing such as dental pro 7, dental pro 7 is unmatched than other medicines.

If there is someone who has chronic sinusitis, please you saline spray as treatment. Give the antibiotic and see the dentist, doctor, or chemist to take care of your teeth properly and to eliminate bacteria that causes bad breath. Let’s take care of your teeth.

Dental Pro 7 eliminate bad breath and eliminate the harmful bacteria in your mouth

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Causes Bad Breath

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