How Do Dentists Treat Gingivitis?

Both you and your dentist play a role in curing your inflammation of the gums. Maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth cavity is your task to prevent bacterial infection and tartar formation from occurring. Your dentist will take care of the more complex tasks to cure your inflammation of the gums. What are those complex tasks? How do your dentist treat your inflammation of the gums? Those are the questions that we attempt to answer here. Dentists Treat Gingivitis


Dentists Treat Gingivitis: Diagnostics

Your dentist’s first task is to diagnose your problem, to determine the causes and risk factors that have triggered the condition, to determine how severe it is, and to decide the right treatments for it. The diagnosis can be as simple as a general dental checkup, but can also be so complex that x-ray and periodontal probing are needed.

Deep Cleaning

Although you can clean your teeth and mouth cavity using toothbrush and mouthwash yourself, deep cleaning can only be performed by your dentist. A deep cleaning procedure is often necessary because the root of the problem, the infection-induced inflammation, occurs in the root area of your tooth, which is located deep under the gum line. In this procedure, your dentist will scrape the tartar deposit, remove the pus, and smoothen the rough tooth root that prevents it from sitting neatly in the gum.


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Gum Inflammation

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Gum Inflammation

Administering Drugs

There are several drugs that your dentist may prescribe to you. They may also prescribe antibiotics, antiseptics, or antimicrobial mouthwash to kill the infecting bacteria and to expedite the healing process.

Performing Advanced Treatments

How do dentists treat gingivitis? These are all of the procedures that a dentist performs to treat your condition.


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