Gum Disease Pictures: Symptoms and Types of Gum Diseases to Know

If you’re feeling pain around gums, you might suffer from gum disease. You can see gum disease pictures to help you identify the problem.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Diseases

Knowing the symptoms and signs and then compare the physical look of your gums to compare with the gum disease pictures can be easy trick to know what you suffer. There are several common signs and symptoms that come with gum diseases. Most of time, the symptoms occur slowly that the sufferers do not realize that problems occur on their gums. Here are some of typical signs and symptoms of the gum disease that mainly occur.

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  1. Sensitivity

Some types of gum diseases will lead your gums to recede so that roots will be easily to exposed by outside elements. That makes the gums turn very sensitive and simple toothbrushing can even cause pain around them.

  1. Redness and Swelling

The next most common symptoms that come with gum diseases is redness and swelling that occur around the damaged areas. The bacteria infect the gums will make the area get inflammation and swelling. However, you will feel intense pain while you do tooth brushing or eating.

  1. Food Packing

When your gums recede, there will be spaces created between your teeth. They are the areas that naturally should be covered by gums in order to avoid food to be lodged in the spaces. However, since the spaces are exposed, the food you eat can instantly be packed and lodged inside them. If the packing process is prolonged, it will lead them to compound in the areas when they are not completely removed. As result, there will be infections and irritations occur and cause pain if there is no proper treatment conducted.

Several Kinds of Gum Diseases

There are several kinds of gum disease that mostly occur, include:

  1. Gingivitis

This type of gum disease is considered to be the mildest one. In this type, your gums will be easily to bleed, swollen, and red. Most of time, gingivitis is caused by improper oral hygiene.

  1. Periodontitis

Once your gingivitis gets worse, it can turn to the advance stage of periodontitis. There are many types of periodontitis, include aggressive periodontitis, chronic periodontitis, periodontitis as signs of systemic diseases, and necrotizing periodontal disease.
You can compare the look of your gums and the symptoms you experience with the gum disease pictures provided by To help you prevent any gum disease, you can use Dental Pro7 product that contains active, strong, and natural ingredients to kill dangerous bacteria inside your mouth.


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