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Definition, Use and the Dangers of It | What is a preservative? You may often hear about it. Actually, there are so many products that contain it, such as foods, cosmetics, skincare, and many more. Read the information below to know more about it.


Preservative – What is it?

Preservatives are chemicals used for keeping food fresh. The preservative can be used in other products too, such as toothpaste. But, have you known that it can cause serious health risks? Many companies use it to make their product last longer. The preservative will not give negative impact if it is used in short term. But if our body consumes it for a long time, there will be so many effects caused by preservatives.

As humans who wants to be healthy every time, we need to be careful in choosing products. For example when we choose a food products, make sure it doesn’t contain too many preservatives, because it can cause serious health problems.

The Dangers of Preservatives

As mentioned before, there are so many serious problems that can be caused by it. Preservatives increase the risk of cancer. According to the National Toxicology Program, foods, and cosmetic that contains fat and preservative may increase the risk of tumors in the brain, pancreas, and thyroid. It means that preservatives increase the risk of cancer.

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Another danger of it is hyperactivity in children. According to a study published in “Archives of Disease in Childhood”, children in 3-year-olds who like consuming preservatives commonly show hyperactivity behavior. So, keep away food that contains preservatives from children, because it may harm your children.

Preservatives can also reduce hearth health. For example, is sodium nitrate. It is preservatives that can make blood vessels become narrow and stiffer. So, make sure you minimize the consumption of foods and products that contain it. You can change foods that contain preservatives with healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

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